Painting Los Desaparecidos

A Celebration of Gypsy Art –
traditional and contemporary, in its many forms

Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures is a celebration of Gypsy Traveller art, both locally and nationally, deploying a multi-art format that links to the Tummel and Tay Festival in partnership with Pitlochry Festival Theatre.

2017 has been billed as the ‘Year of History, Heritage and Archaeology’, and therefore represents a unique opportunity to explore the distinctive creative and artistic heritage of the Gypsy Traveller community.

The project will showcase new and selected existing works. The central exhibition focuses on Visual Art, accompanied by participatory Craft workshops (basket and flower-making), Music and oral presentation/debate.

By generating creative dialogue between communities, the project aims to: enable the seldom-heard creative voices of Gypsy Travellers to resonate throughout Scotland; enhance the professional artistic development of the contributors; imbue participants with age-old skills and current expertise, thereby allowing greater insight into contemporary Gypsy Traveller art and proffering a degree of cultural sensibility which will strengthen relationships across communities.

Hidden Treasures - Gypsy Traveller Art

Paintings by Scottish Gypsy Traveller Artist Shamus McPhee

The main artistic and creative thrust is to hold a celebration of Gypsy Traveller art, delivered by a selection of the country’s leading practitioners and thinkers, thereby enriching wider society via the promotion of artistic, cultural and attitudinal diversity. The Programme for the day includes Visual Art, Craft-making, Musical performance and themed oral presentation by distinguished speakers: Rhona Ramsay (Stirling University), Dr. Nicola Cowmeadow (Local History Officer, PKC) and David McPhee (Perth and Kinross |Council) - leading to interactive discussion with the audience.

Perthshire has the highest percentage of Scottish Gypsy Travellers or ‘Nackens’ and has some of the strongest ancestral ties to the creative and artistic life of our community in this country. This project is an opportunity to recognise the unique contribution of Scottish Gypsy Travellers to the cultural landscape of Scotland. Our partnership with Pitlochry Festival Theatre marks the beginning of a journey to strengthen our links to mainstream organisations, and an opportunity to develop a more respected and visible profile for our community.

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